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Anoint the Most Holy

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To anoint the most
Holy of Daniel 9:24

"Seventy weeks are determined upon thy
people and upon thy holy city, to finish
the transgression, and to make an end of
sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity,
and to bring in everlasting righteousness,
and to seal up the vision and prophecy,
and to anoint the most Holy."

So how could the blood of Jesus Christ drop on the Mercy Seat?
The Mercy Seat is the top part of the Ark of the Covenant.
At the time of Jesus Christ, the Ark of the Covenant was the most Holy Thing.
So, "to anoint the most Holy," Jesus Christ' blood was the only blood that could have dropped on the Mercy Seat.
The only sinless blood belonged to Jesus Christ, our High Priest, and only a High Priest could offer blood on the Mercy Seat " seal up the vision and prophecy," a seal made with blood.
So, Jesus Christ' blood dropped on the Mercy Seat at his death, and at no other time could it happen.
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